Electronics Recycling Audit, Certification & Business Management Software

With the R2v3 deadline on July 1 2023, the R2 Certification and Audit Preparation Software is available for free to all e-recyclers who need help with their R2v3 Certification for 3 months - Contact Us

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Tools to become compliant and operate smoothly

Step-by-step roadmap & checklist for R2v3

Generate audit-ready documentation

Ready apps for R2 Recordkeeping

Get notified of R2 audit tasks and events

Certification & Audit Preparation Software

Step-by-step roadmap and checklists for your R2v3 audit preparation

Walk through your audit preparation journey step-by-step

"like TurboTax for R2"

Core 1. ScopeR2Software

Help TipsR2Software

Statement of Scope.

Guide for writing Scope Statement

Get guidance and tips along the way

Cover each Requirement like a boss

Cover all Core Requirements, determine and cover your Additional Process Requirements - leave no stone unturned.

Appendix DeterminationR2Software

Drastically cut down on audit preparation time

Generate audit ready documentation

Produce documentation ready to be shared with R2 auditors

Go with trust

R2Software is a solution developed by HyperOffice, a leader in speciality cloud software since 2004, trusted by leading organizations around the world.

Electronics Recycling Business Management Suite

Pick from a library of apps to help you become compliant, stay compliant and streamline your operations

Meet Recordkeeping obligations

Streamline your operations

Integrate with your downstream

1.Downstream Vendor Audits

Make sure that your downstream is compliant. Pick from a range of templates to gather critical information from downstream vendors and integrate your operations.

Vendor Audits Status
Audits CompletedAudits Not Completed

Vendor Audit FormR2Software

2.Material Throughput Tracker

Sort, categorize and track materials as they enter the facility, get processed, leave the facility and travel downstream.

Inspection ChecklistR2Software

3.Facility Inspection App

Keep on top of your R2 Facility Inspection requirements

  • Be reminded of upcoming inspections
  • Assign and manage corrective actions
  • Have an audit ready trail of past inspections

4.Training Management App

Manage trainings and create records as required by R2.

  • Create a training schedule
  • Track employee trainings
  • Create and store assessments and quizzes

Training ReportR2Software

..and Dozens more

Whether it is material throughput tracking, R2 events reminders, data sanitization video library, our library of R2 enablement apps is ever growing.